Having finished studying Music at Leeds University and the RNCM in the early 2000s I scratched my creative itch playing and recording with various bands, created music for little game projects and taught music in high schools and from home (specialising in classical guitar and percussion). 

I began seriously composing in 2015 when working on a game with my brother - this led me on to working on lots of fun projects since then, learning WWise, FMOD, and getting involved in Weekly GameJam, the monthly Blipsounds competition (I was King Blip one time!) and Music Weeklies composer community.

For those in the know who'd like to know I use Ableton Live 10, Reaper, Deflemask, and Korg Gadget as my main composing tools. Hardware synth-wise I primarily use my Korg Minilogue and Arturia Drumbrute, alongside my trusty Gibson ES-335 for live guitar.

If you'd like to discuss what I can bring to your game please email me at or contact me on twitter/discord.

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